We have been meticulous in ensuring that all the herbs we use are not only of the highest quality and super-pure to boot, but are safe for all and contain nothing from the list of official allergens.

But be smart: as with all things you use on, or in, your body, be conscious of any particular sensitivities you might have to certain plants. And be curious: while we have given a brief version of our ingredients, for a full character-reference, simply check up on them. You’ll most likely find out some incredible new superpower we haven’t even mentioned.

And while our aim is to make Positive Potions the perfect pep for everyone, if you are taking medication, it will always be a sensible idea to check up with your own practitioner, in the unlikely event that our Potions interfere with your treatment plan.

Also be aware that we are only as perfect as nature allows. This is not a synthetically-produced product and its appearance may vary. One year the roses are richly coloured, and Love looks likewise. The next Summer they come up looking a little bit faded, and Love might lose its pink.

And as it is an all-natural product, you might even find some botanical residue settling in your Potions. Simply shake ‘em up and be happy to see that you really do have botanicals in a bottle!