Five go Positive in India


My hat is off to these amazing women, who stand for so much of what we’re about at Positive Potions. So proud to see them wearing our T-shirts, as they cycle India in support of cancer charities. The heart image shows all their loved ones who have been impacted by the disease. It’s one of the reasons I started Positive Potions. Because when I had cancer three years ago, I found there was nothing to drink that didn’t contain either sugar /sweeteners /alcohol /junk – all those things guaranteed to give cancer the toxic environment it adores.

So these women are real heroines, I think. Making the positive change. Doing the right thing. Honouring the power in themselves to make a difference to others. And wearing their hearts on their Ts… I’m hoping our Potions are keeping them super-charged and full of pep on those long and dusty roads! (Our 30ml bottles make great travel companions, as they’re under the limit of what’s allowed these days on planes.) Follow them on Instagram @fakkachallenge or donate

candida meyrick