Boxes of Positivity


The four original flavours, with their lovely new labels, plus our four new Potions, all boxed up and ready to go! Until I started this business, I had no idea how unbelievably exciting a cardboard box could be. But seeing these scrumptious Potions all tidily boxed up like this is so brilliant because it’s the result of so much love and effort over the Summer and Autumn. Everything in these boxes has been grown by us at Bodorgan, in a garden that until a few years ago was a very sad and desolate place, neglected and overgrown. Now it’s a thriving hub of industry and energy, which feels less to do with ‘putting a business in there’ than with letting the ancient gardens speak and live again. There’s a lot out there at the moment about heart centred business. It’s a hashtag I think might have been made just for us! P.S There’s still time to place you orders for any of our Potions online, or snap some up in stores while you can..

candida meyrick