Dry /Detox January - in a bottle


These little beauties - our four fantastic new flavours - are all you need to be fully kitted out for a super-charged, Dry / Detox January. As with our original four flavours, they are packed with immune boosting antioxidants and tasty botanicals that really do make the January clean-up a complete pleasure. After a lovely fast, I am merrily swigging Renew - which feels like a mind-body reset in a bottle. And the lovely tiny size of them makes them ideal for popping in your pocket when you’re out and about. A pal recently also commented that she loves the way they colour her water, as it avoids having to answer all those boring questions about why you’re not drinking… Just sending these ones out now. Loving the reaction we’re getting to them! And thinking we’d better get cracking with another production day sooner than I’d thought, as they’re selling out fast.

candida meyrick