7 key benefits of Positive Potions


I’ve been thinking about this question a lot this week, as we’re busy whooping as we send off some lovely Potions to TWO fantastic new stockists: Stewart’s in Christchurch, and Dru Yoga in Snowdonia. Exciting times! So I’ve been asked this question quite a bit of late: what, actually, will these pretty little Potions DO for me? So just to be clear, there are seven key benefits worth a mention: 1. Botanical super-power: as (almost) all our botanical ingredients are actually grown by us, organically, by hand, in our beautiful walled garden on Anglesey, we know for sure that they are chock full of all the power the plant kingdom has to offer. They’re the real deal: potently rejuvenating, antioxidant, immune-boosting and all round health-promoting. And a million miles from ‘botanical extracts’ usually found in other drinks. 2. NO sugar: this is a big deal. Sugar is enemy number 1 in my book. More addictive than nicotine, sugar is a massive inflammatory and ill-health-promoter, quite aside from its dire effects on energy levels, obesity and diabetes. 3. NO alcohol: ditto many of the sugar-related issues above, alcohol doesn’t just fug the brain, dull the wits (!) and turn you into someone you’d really rather not be, it also over-taxes one of your most precious organs, the liver, making it harder for your lovely immune-system to fight off unwanted lurgies, leaving you unprotected just when you need to be match-fit for life. 4. NO junk: our Potions are cold macerated over six weeks, using vegetable glycerine as the extracting menstruum, which means that’s all the ingredients we need: botanicals, vegetable glycerine, spring water - no need for any nasty junk, because we make our Potions slow and steady in the traditional way, without the need to speed up, stabilise or enhance what nature has already given us: delicious tasting botanicals. 5. HYDRATION: I don’t know about you, but much as I love water, I find it hard to drink enough sometimes, which is where our Potions come in: a dash of tasty Potion in a glass of water makes all the difference, and before you know it, your eight glasses a day have been swigged by lunchtime, just because they were so jolly deliciously pepped up by a Potion. 6. CONVENIENT: this is our #popapotioninyourpocket moment. That’s how you do it! Take yours with you when you’re out and about, and you have a delicious drink right there when you need it. Plain tap water will do. 7. LOVE. OK, so bear with me on this one, as it is a little harder to quantify, but it is most definitely our secret ingredient. We LOVE making Potions! From planning what seeds we’re going to plant (as we’re doing right now), to putting the lovely herbs into their big glass kilner jars (that’s tomorrow’s job), to packing the finished bottles up in their cardboard boxes and winging them on their way to our gorgeous customers. We do it all right here on Anglesey with lots of love. (But more on this one shortly…!)

candida meyrick