In the bag


I am SO loving our new mini bags, just in! The perfect size to fit one or two Potions, so you have them with you when you’re on the go during the day. I was finding that mine were getting lost in the bottomless pit of my handbag, so this is the perfect solution: keeps them neat and tidy and easy to find. And I’m liking the ritual of ‘ta-da!’ when I get them out of their dinky bags, too, and have already made a few on the hoof sales as a consequence - a couple of lovely ladies on the train the other day were very interested to know what I was up to. Felt faintly contraband, but in a hashtag jointheherbalrevolution sort of way. Talking of hashtags: we might have to change one of ours on Instagram, from hashtag popapotioninyourpocket to popapotioninyourbag. Drat! But not a biggie…

Meanwhile all go at Positive Potions as we’re preparing for the Farm Shop & Deli show at the NEC in Birmingham. We’re being taken there by the fantastic Cywain as part of their Menter a Busnes programme, which I am unspeakably pleased about. First - how very, very exciting to have been selected to go. Big thank you to all at Cywain for selecting us! Second - I’m super-pleased to be going to our first ever trade show under the protecting wings of the Welsh Government. It sounds a pretty fast and furious few days, so very much liking the idea of having someone to hold our hands. We’ll be there on Tuesday 9th April, so come and say ‘hello’ if you’re there.

Just putting the finishing touches now to some lovely new bits of artwork for our Farm Shop and Deli show display, and working out the logistics of bringing some of our herbs in pots – hoping the hotel I’m staying at the night before doesn’t mind my bringing a bit of our garden with me, as I’m thinking of keeping it looking fresh in the bathtub!

PS - the small bags will be available any day now online and in store. If you’d like one sooner, drop us a line on when you place your order, and we’ll see that one gets included in your parcel. And did we say that they are, of course, made of ethically sourced, unbleached organic cotton?

candida meyrick