3 reasons to love Positive Potions


It’s been a great summer here at Positive Potions! We’ve been flat out harvesting - the garden has gone pretty crazy in this amazing hot - wet - dry - always mild - cycle of weather here on Anglesey. And on the occasional soggy day we’ve headed off to our lovely new super-charged production kitchen for a bit of Potions experimentation… We have a few new products in R & D, so expect to hear more about them a bit later in the year. Meanwhile the garden just continues to give: we were tying up roses on a gusty day yesterday, and I was thinking ahead to the fantastic blooms that will be garlanding all the entrances to the walled gardens here next June, and all the amazing rose petals we’ve been busy drying this summer in preparation for the next batch of Potions, and it made me think all over again: it’s pretty special, to be regenerating this incredible lost garden and turning it into something love-filled and tender. These amazing plants just want to live and flourish, which made me think also how weird and counter-intuitive it is to ‘garden’ with toxins, when even some of the most commonly loathed so-called weeds are Nature’s ardent helpers: dandelion, cleavers, nettle, broad leaf plantain - et al. It’s a paradigm shift, to adjust your thinking to see that everything in Nature really is on your side, if you’re prepared to listen, pay attention and stop playing the over-lord script! So to the three reasons to love Positive Potions that my rose-tying made me think of: they are small but mighty, making them so amazingly convenient - a super-charged gift of Nature you can pop in your pocket. They are packed full of delicious immune-boosting botanical goodness, and no junk - so what’s not to like there.. And in a world of mass-production and compromised origins and general fakery and flummery - our Potions are the real deal, actually made using our home-grown botanicals grown here on Anglesey, and genuinely hand-made by me (‘me’ being the Founder/Owner rather than some crew in China) plus a few helpers, indeed - which is pretty special. And when all those things are concentrated into one little bottle, I reckon it makes a difference - a positive one - so definite and so real you can actually taste it. Yum yum.

PS - disclaimer: this sunflower isn’t in any of our Potions, yet, but it was so jaunty and sunny-looking, shooting up through one of the old greenhouses, I had to take a pic.!

candida meyrick