Escape to The Potting Shed at the Pig, Brockenhurst


Here’s our first order being winged along to the divine Potting Shed at The Pig, Brockenhurst. We are so, SO happy about this one, as The Pig is one of my top favourite places ever, and has so much in common with what we’re about. They’re all about the walled kitchen garden, just like us. And about avoiding air miles by using locally sourced produce. Ditto. We both grow our own. And about the path of health and vitality being really such a scrumptious and nourishing path to follow: the perfect match for Positive Potions. So now, when you book in for a treatment at the Potting Shed, you will be given a Positive Potion to match your mood. Impossible to resist, I’d say. Bliss, anyone?

candida meyrick