New labels - the four new flavours are almost here!


We’re getting very over-excited this week at Positive Potions, as it has been a bumper crop of good things! And all of them happening at high speed, so it feels a bit like two weeks have been crammed into one.. And here are the lovely new labels! Which means that the four new flavours are almost ready to roll.. we’ve been sneak previewing them around and about, and they will be available to buy here, and at our lovely local stockists, from the second week of December. Anyone who would like to either pre-order, or buy any of the limited edition of these flavours, please contact us directly on There are a few still left, but running out fast..! My personal favourite is Renew: a zingy, super-charging turmeric-based blend of spicy loveliness. And P.S - ‘Thrive’ has a nickname: ‘Christmas in a Bottle’…

candida meyrick